3 Common Myths about Real Estate Agents That You Should’ve Stopped Believing by Now


You may have heard a lot about real estate agents, but do you genuinely know how many of them are true and how many aren’t? Do you believe everything that you are told about real estate agents? Would you love to bust today a few of the most popular myths about real estate agents in Toronto so that you could make better decisions for yourself and your family? Let’s get started on those right away!

Real Estate Agents: Myths versus Reality

A seasoned real estate agent has the experience to walk you through your property sale, and help the buyer as well as the seller to discuss their concerns, negotiate, finally arriving at a mutually agreed price, and signing the agreement. Remember, a veteran property specialist will know the best mortgage solutions for you, no matter how much or less creditworthy you may are. Hence, learn to separate the myths from the facts so that you’re able to employ an ace property consultant.

Here’s a curated list of the top 3 misconceptions about property brokers that you probably know by now.

Myth # 1: All Real Estate Agents are After Your Money Only

The biggest myth about real estate agents is that they just want your money and they’ll do anything they can to get it. While there are some property consultants who tend to be unscrupulous and may misrepresent the facts about a property, the significant majority of them are honest, helpful, and hardworking. In general, the real estate agents in Toronto are trustworthy, competent, and they’ll be more than glad to work with you and help you find your dream home or sell the one that you already own at the best possible price point. To suffice, most agents will be happy to work with you as long as you offer them what they truly deserve.

Myth # 2: Hiring a Renowned Property Specialist Will Cost You a Fortune

Another great misconception is that you need to spend a ridiculously high sum of money to work with a reputed property broker. While legendary American realtor Aaron Kirman and a handful of professionals like him do make seven figures, it’s rather an honorable exception and not a rule for certain. You may be surprised to know that most commercial realtors earn less than half a million a year in the USA and it’s not that much different for their Canadian peers as well.

Myth # 3: A College Degree is an Indicator of a Successful Property Expert

Yet another myth is that it takes a 4-year college degree program to be a successful real estate agent. While a number of property experts do complete special schooling, it’s nothing as intensive as what you’d go through an undergraduate university course. They learn the same things that college students learn, such as how to manage their time and develop good negotiation skills. Becoming a successful real estate agent doesn’t require a degree, a diploma, or any other credential.

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