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The first step of each deal is the Agency Relationships. We would like to explain this relationship to our clients to have a better understanding of our job. When a client would like to buy or sell a real estate/business, they need to have an agent. That is why the key factor in choosing the right agent. In addition, You as a client should choose the agent based on your needs. That is why we decided to explain these relationships word by word in this post and future posts.

Agency is a relationship between two parties. One party (the agent) accepts responsibility for representing the other party (the principal) in dealing with a third party. Additionally, the real estate brokerage, as the agent, is employed by a buyer or seller to perform professional services. The agency relationship is typically based on a form called representation agreement.

Third-Party: it is an individual who does not connect with a legal transaction but these transactions will affect them. In a simple way, we can say that the third party is a customer.

 Principal: a principal (client) is an individual who authorizes an agent to act on his/her behalf in an agency relationship.

Agency Relationships: a relationship between an agent and a principal in which the agent represents that principal when dealing with a third party. When the principal and the agent signed the representation agreement, the relationship starts.

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