Agriculture and Farming


First of all, there is an introduction to Agriculture and Farming. The term Agriculture generally refers to the production of goods through Farming. No universal definition exists for activities falling within the term farming. In addition, we will explain some simple definitions and guidance.

The Agriculture and Farming Market: The commercial farm market consists of many operations, both large and small. As an example, there are dairy farms with a large 400-acre. Every Farm has several additional outbuildings such as a straw barn, shed/shop, heifer barn, etc. Additionally, there are factors for the estimation of the price value.

In addition to this:

  • The first estimation is based on location, land, building, and other assets,
  • As a second consideration, land value is usually based on agricultural productivity with soil fertility being a primary consideration.

Many agricultural products are subject to regulated marketing in Ontario through marketing boards. Farm value can be significantly affected by whether or not a quota or marketing boards. For more information, let us explain a little bit about the construction of the farm building.

Construction of Agriculture/Farming:

Farm Building Construction, generally regulated under the Ontario Building Code, involves building for housing livestock and equipment, as well as other structures used for the production, storage, and processing of agricultural products.

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