Commercial real estate team

W.W.I provides Business Guidance, Training, Entrepreneurial Funding and Networking opportunities for Start Up and Existing Businesses
 We offer free confidential one-on-one advisory meetings which provide a 360° perspective of the business planning necessary for each individual business’ growth. Our one-on-ones help business owners create focus and clarity, so they can develop essential business processes and take necessary actions to achieve their business goals.

Start A Business! Thinking about starting your own Business?

We can help! We offer a variety of services and resources that will not only help you get started, but help you grow.

Want to start a new business, buy a business or grow a business?

W.W.I  is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners who are ready to start (market ready/ready to sell) to expand (hiring employees, contractors or getting a location) or buying a business in York Region.