Easily Classify A Property Type


Commercial Real Estate is ou specialty. As a salesperson, we are working with both sides, Buyers, Investors, and Sellers. It is our responsibility to make sure they are happy with their transaction. That is why in our posts we are trying to educate our potential clients to know better about their real estate! In this post, we would like to talk about the first step for sellers, Easily Classify A Property Type!

Generally speaking, preparing a listing for our seller is the start of an exciting journey together. This includes adding the correct property type to the mandatory field on the MLS system. We are here to choose the property type for you carefully.

In doing so, buyers interested in purchasing a specific type of property can quickly find our seller’s property under the proper category type. After that, we make sure that the buyer can book his/her showing easily. In addition, Our job is to make everything clear for our clients.

How Can a Salesperson Confirm The Property Type?

It’s simple and readily available in just two clicks. As Real Estate Salesperson, we studied a lot regarding all types of properties, prices, and so on. Also, we renew our license every year, with new studies. So, as a member, we have access to public records through MPAC propertyline™ and GeoWarehouse® land registry. These tools give us the correct property type. By searching documents, we can Easily Classify A Property Type.

In a conclusion, if you need our help, please reply! We are more than happy to help you with your deal.

BABAK MEHRABI, Real Estate Salesperson




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