Freestanding (Single-Use) Buildings


Today we would like to talk about Freestanding (Single-Use) Buildings. In addition, we need to know the simple definition of Freestanding Buildings. When dealing with zoning and building requirements for your area, it may be confusing trying to figure out which types of structures require special permits. Additionally, In some cases, the differences come down to whether the building or construction is a freestanding structure.

Freestanding Meaning:

It means any structure that does not rely on another existing structure for support. On the other hand, Freestanding Building means A building containing one business, rather than a row of stores or businesses with a common roof and walls. For Example, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest freestanding structure.

Freestanding (Single-Use) Buildings:

Some certain retailers and franchisers will only locate stores in freestanding buildings, rather than in regional or community shopping centers. You can find these kinds of buildings in downtown areas, arterial roads, and in close proximity to shopping centers. On one hand, some businesses such as businesses with unique marketing services, use the freestanding structure. Other common freestanding retailers include furniture stores, drug stores, and home products. In other instances, merchandisers can gain the advantages of a freestanding presence due to lower real estate costs in outlying areas.

Freestanding Structures:

This structure provides for greater vehicular exposure, visual separation, and a distinct geographic identity.

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