From Listing To Sale


Yesterday, we talked about types of agreements and listing agreements. The next step is preparing documents to have a win-win sale. That is why our today’s post is everything From Listing To Sale. There are many steps, for the buyer, seller, and salesperson to have a good closing.

As a simple summary of the way for a salesperson’s job, please look at the steps below:

  1. Working with clients and customers,
  2. Dealing with others,
  3. Advertising,
  4. Showing the property/business,
  5. Drafting an agreement of purchase and sale,
  6. Negotiating and presenting the offer,
  7. Handling the deposit (to the listing brokerage), which would be in a trust account,
  8. Concluding the transaction.

Commercial real estate is our specialty. Additionally, our first step as a salesperson is working with clients and customers. When you, as a client, sign an agreement with a salesperson, his/her activities begin till getting an offer. Buyers and sellers often seek out advice or ask questions of registrants. Our job is to help sellers and buyers to find the best property for them. Based on the rules, registrants can not directly communicate with the client of another registrant.

In addition, we are here to help our client to list their property for sale, then this is our job to deal with others and advertise for the property. If you are the buyer, we can have an agreement with you as well, then we will find the right property/business for you. So, please reply if you need our help!

From listing to sale, there are difficult steps that we would like to help you through it.





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