How to Find a Top Commercial Realtor in 3 Simple Steps


Why use a real estate agent instead of trying to sell the property yourself?!

One of the key reasons to use an ace property consultant is that the professional knows the inside and out of the local real estate market. Every commercial realtor in Toronto not only knows which properties are most likely to go on sale but also where to search for them, including the city/town newspapers, real estate magazines, and of course, the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss a highly effective 3-step framework that you can leverage for finding a renowned real estate broker near you.

The Definitive Guide to Hiring an Acclaimed Commercial Realtor

Property consultants have a database of leads for their clients, irrespective of if one’s planning to either sell or purchase a property and hence, they can function as an agent for the seller and the buyer as well.

So how do you find the right commercial realtor in Toronto to help you sell your home or purchase a new one?

  • Ask for Suitable Referrals

The most effective way to find a real estate agent is through appropriate referrals. Ask your friends, family member, co-workers, and anyone that you may know in your neighborhood. If they’re happy working with that particular agent, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Explore the Local Business Listings

Next, check the local phone books and the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) listings in the online yellow pages. If you find an agent with good credentials, note their names and contact information. Then, visit their websites to find out how they may have marketed your home. Once you have a few names you need to call them and enquire over the phone about details of any homes that they’ve sold in the past for preparing the list of interviewees.

  • Interview Potential Agents

Shortlist the most promising candidates and set up a time for them to come to your home for the interview. Interview only those real estate specialists who are willing to share detailed information concerning their commissions and what their success records are like.

When looking at their service charges, you should understand that they’ll need to be reimbursed as per their industry experience and skill levels. You simply don’t want to opt for the cheapest one; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! All you want is to be offered a reasonable fee and a fair commission. You should realize that quality comes with a price and that there’s already a lot of competition out there to sell your home or help you find one as per your requirements and within your budget.

It’s highly likely that those property brokers will be very pleasant to speak to and will help you get your home sold quickly (or buy a new one for that matter). You should always remember that it pays to have a positive, friendly relationship with them.

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