How to Hire the Right Real Estate Agents for investors: Introducing the Rule of FACE


It’s natural to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alternatives that one can expect to come across when planning to purchase a property as an investment. There are so many (multiple listing service) MLS entries, both old and new, that it can be difficult to even be able to understand where to start.

If you’re looking forward to reaping the benefits of the now-bullish property market in Ontario, this blog will help you learn how to choose the right real estate agents for investors in Toronto and other adjacent metropolises.

The Secret Formula to Finding the Best Real Estate Agents for Investors: F-A-C-E!

Choosing a realtor who’s best suited to your budget and requirements isn’t something that you can accomplish through trial and error! It’s not rocket science either!! If you’ve never heard or read about the F-A-C-E framework conceptualized by real estate veterans, then now is a good time to start learning it.

For the uninitiated, FACE is an acronym for full-time, advice, chemistry, and expertise. Now let’s understand what each of them is supposed to mean in the context of how to select the top real estate agents for investors in Toronto and nearby.

  • Willing to Work on a Full-Time Basis

It’s always wise to find some property specialists who are ready to serve you full-time and won’t mind sharing a few references with you. You should also remember to enquire about their success rate, the kind of properties they’ve mostly dealt with, how many hours they can devote for you on a daily basis, and of course, their usual way of working with a client who intends to invest in the real estate industry.

  • Offers Sound Advice

Find out what kind of real estate training your shortlisted agents have. Many professionals who are known for offering excellent market recommendations to their clients, helping them zero in on the right property for investment, have undergone one or more advanced training programs. The idea is to go for one who can interpret your needs as a real estate investor.

  • Shares a Great Chemistry with You

It’s important to team up with a property expert you can trust and click with. It’s equally vital to gauge the reputation of the potential realtors. Find out if anyone has ever filed a complaint against them, and if so, why. Figure out if the claims of the realtor that you’re considering are credible at all.

As you begin to communicate, it’s critical to examine how much honest the person is, the real estate professional that you’re thinking to bring on board. You should also remember to be careful enough not to mention too much information about you, during the initial consultation, in particular. A veteran property consultant will be patient with you as you explore the possibilities.

  • Has Expert Knowledge of Where You Plan to Buy the Property

Consider working with local realtors who have experience in dealing with the properties situated in your preferred neighborhood. They know the demographics much better than anyone else and can provide you with valuable information on the present crime rates, civic amenities, public infrastructure, and more about your desired geographical location. Local property brokers can help you find a property that’s right for you.

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