Income Property For Sale In Bradford


Today we would like to explain a little more regarding one of our listings. Income Property For Sale In Bradford! First of all, we need to know what is commercial real estate? generally speaking, commercial real estate is the property for the use of commercial such as office, retail and industrial.

In addition, Commercial properties have an income potential based on location and use. On the one hand, the property owner is making money from the rents. On the other hand, the property owner has a long-term investment property. This is a safe investment and income. Additionally, finding an income property is a hard job! Commercial Real Estate is our specialty, our team is here to help our clients step by step through their deals. We are doing our best to have win-win transactions. So, if you need our help, please reply!

Income Property For Sale In Bradford, this property is a mixed-use development. It means both uses as commercial and residential is permitted in this property. This property has three floors. The main floor is over 3000 square feet retail store for commercial use. The second floor is the 3-bedrooms apartment, as use of residential. The basement is a high ceiling basement suitable for many uses, for example, storage, place of worship, etc.

The asking price for this property is $2,100,000, also showings are available for this property, upon request!

Babak Mehrabi, Real Estate Salesperson

Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.



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