Land Use Restrictions


Today we would like to focus on Land Use Restrictions. Land use regulations are common urban policies in most cities all over the world. In addition, Common regulations include:

  1. zoning by which land use restricted zone by zone
  2. lot size regulation, which restricts the size of each housing lot
  3. urban growth boundary control, and the last of
  4. a floor area ratio regulation.

Additionally, The adoption and implementation of these regulations vary according to the country or the city. Land use and zoning law is the regulation of the use and development of the public and private real estate. Zoning is the most common form of land-use regulation, used by municipalities to control local property development.

Can residential land be used for commercial?

If your society management and zoning rules allow you, then you can use your residential property for commercial use.  For example, in some states, you can use 30% of the residential place as a lawyer’s office your medical office.

What is commercial land used for?
Commercial land can be any plot or area of land using for commercial purposes. In addition, “Commercial” means the land for the use of businesses, manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking lots. Also, Apartment complexes are commercial land, if they are using the land to make money.
We hope that our clients have a better understanding of Land Use Restrictions. Commercial Real Estate is our speciality, so if you need our help please reply! We are working with high range of property owners and investors. Our team is here to help you step by step through the deal.


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