Methods of Land Description


Today we would like to talk about Methods of Land Description. Generally speaking, there are three common methods used to describe real estate, which we will explain. For example, metes and bounds, government survey, and lot and block. Here’s a closer look at how they work.

Metes and Bounds:

Metes and bounds is a term used in describing the boundary lines of land, setting forth all the boundary lines together with their terminal points and angles. In addition, metes refer to limit, and bounds are direction.

Government Survey:

The government survey system began in 1785 and is a system that uses two perpendicular lines: a baseline and principal meridian. The question that comes to mind is, what is the survey? It is a method of specifying the location of parcels of land using prime meridians, baselines, standard parallels, guide meridians, townships, and sections.

Lots and Blocks:

A legal description of land used for plotted properties, stating the number, lot, and block in a particular subdivision.

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