Negotiating Agreements


In the previous posts, we explained the agreement of purchase and sale, schedule A, and clauses simply. Today we would like to move to the next step after submitting the agreement to the seller. This part is Negotiating Agreements.

A selling salesperson must successfully guide his/her client in drafting an effective offer, representing, and negotiating successful deals. At the same time, he/she should build a solid paper trail.  Generally speaking, negotiations shape most of our day-to-day experiences. Also, each negotiation has different outcomes.

Negotiation Outcomes:

Negotiations are always a key element, and typically result in three possible outcomes such as:

  1. Win-Win Situation: in this situation, everyone’s objectives are met in a positive manner. The seller obtains market value, the buyer receives the sought-after property.
  2. Win-Lose (or Lose-Win): The seller wins by successfully selling his/her property/business, at or close to the asking price.  The buyer, disregarding certain problems with the property/business, must make significant repairs after taking possession.
  3. Lose-Lose: Both buyer and seller fail to achieve a meeting of the minds and everyone loses. the seller misses the opportunity to sell to the best buyer. Additionally, the buyer fails to get the desired property/business.

That is why Negotiating Agreements is a key step after submitting the offer. A win-win leads to satisfied clients and a commission, a win-lose can result in disputes or litigation. the last one (lose-lose) benefits no one. Commercial Real Estate is our speciality, we are trying to be in a win-win situation. Also, our team is here to help our clients during their deals. So, if you need our help, please reply! Our specialists are here to negotiating your agreements successfully.


Babak Mehrabi, Commercial Real Estate Agent




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