Offer Presentation and Acceptance


Today’s post is the last post regarding the agreement of purchase and sale. It is about Offer Presentation and Acceptance. Generally speaking, offer presentations are often a challenge for new salespeople. We should make sure that the seller and buyer fully understand all clauses, methods, and policies.

Representing the Client:

The client’s interests must always be in the agreement. Additionally, the client may make the final decision regarding the offer acceptance or rejection, but our duty is to make him or her aware of relevant facts, etc. Many negotiations fail due to inadequate or poor preparation.

Working With Other Salespersons:

The typical real estate negotiation involves opposing interests. The listing salesperson advances the seller’s interest and negotiating stance. The selling salesperson drafts an agreement to advance the buyer’s position. In addition, the listing salesperson and the seller make decisions based on the buyer’s offer. The listing salesperson and the seller make changes to the agreement and provide it again to the buyer’s agent.

The Acceptance:

If an offer from a buyer is acceptable, the seller will sign, date his or her signature and sign the Confirmation of Acceptance. All parties should have a copy of the accepted offer.

In addition, commercial real estate is our specialty, so if you need our help, please reply! This post is a simple definition of Offer Presentation and Acceptance. On one hand, we are working with a high range of sellers and investors. On the other hand, we are working with many buyers. That is why our team is here to help our clients through their deals.


Babak Mehrabi, Commercial Real Estate Agent

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