Open House for the Beginners: What to do After Hiring an Agent for Selling a House


Unless you belong to some superhero clan, such as Superman, things like finding a suitable buyer for your home, selling your property, doing all the packing, and moving out are never easy. If you’ve never teamed up with a real estate agent for selling a house in Toronto, you’re probably clueless about how to organize an open house too, and in this blog; we’re going to help you learn the same.

Hosting an Open House: 3 Key Things to Do After Calling an Agent for Selling a House

An open house is essentially a specific period in which a property is scheduled to remain open for visiting by prospects. You can say that it’s just like test driving a pre-owned car for evaluation before making a purchase. Organizing an open house is an excellent way of engaging prospective homeowners and it can either result in an offer or notify your realtor about potential space constraints.

So, now that you’ve employed an acclaimed property agent for selling a house in Toronto, the question remains – how do you prepare the property for an open house?

  • Donate, Sell, and Dispose of Everything That You’re Not Going to Need Anymore

You should categorically discard all materialistic possessions that you no longer wish to keep. Once the attic, garage, and your shelves are empty, vacuum everything until you spot the last speck of dust! You may also want to conduct a garage sale and donate some of your belongings to a charity.

Don’t forget to empty your cabinets and cupboards as well. Go inside your garage and inspect, collect all your screws and nails, leftover copper wirings, and all junk articles of scrap value, so that you can take them to a nearby recycling station later on. While it may seem obvious, very few remember to do that.

  • Thoroughly Clean Your Property

Clean your ceilings, walls, floors, and everything that comes in between! Repaint the walls and ceilings if required. Make sure that there’s grime, mold and mildew left in the kitchen and anywhere else on your property. Get rid of all the broken and useless cutlery, check for rust in the door hinges of your kitchen cabinets, and examine if the countertop faucet is working properly or not.

  • Keep Your Outdoors As Tidy As Possible

Unless you are willing to take a walk into your backyard and kick the neighbor’s dog (and we don’t even recommend it either!), keep your yard as neat and presentable as possible. Pick up all your gardening equipment lying on the ground and put them inside a box so that you don’t have to face any problem finding those tools when moving out. Do you have a lawnmower that you’ve never seen before, lazily sitting on its wheels in one corner of your garden? Unless you’ve got John Deere X758 or something alike, leave it for the new homeowner.

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