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Today’s post will help sellers who would like to sell their properties or businesses. In addition, with a knowledge of the Seller Representation Agreement, they can make a better decision to work with agents. In this post, we are explaining each part of the agreement.

A Seller Representation Agreement (Listing Agreement) is an authority by the seller to a real estate brokerage. Additionally, the listing brokerage can act on his/her behalf in offering a property for sale (or lease) on terms and conditions set in the agreement.

The listing agreement performs several functions:

  • Establishes the seller/brokerage agency relationship with the limitations on the agent’s authority
  • Provides property specifics for paper and electronic distribution
  • Furnishes information for negotiations and drafting offers
  • outlines services

Authority vs. Data Input Form:

In addition, Most listing agreements contain two parts: the authority (legal relationship) and the data input form (property particulars).

  1. Authority: the listing agreement sets out the legal relationship, obligations of the parties, and time limits concerning such authority. Also, it sets out commission arrangements including a holdover provision. The seller should set the listing price in this agreement.
  2. Data Input Forms: forms for MLS advertising

Also, there are other forms. For example amendment to listing, suspension, and cancellation of the listing. Commercial Real Estate is our speciality, please reply if you need our help!

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