Shopping Malls and Centers


Today, in this post, We would like to talk about Shopping Malls and Centers.  Generally speaking, Shopping centers are grouped under three groups. Additionally, Shopping Malls can be open spaces, but Shopping Centers are enclosed spaces.

Groups of Shopping Malls and Centers:

  • First Group: Regional Shopping Center: it consists of 37,000 Square Metres. They are offering a wide selection of merchandise to serve a large, regional target market. Also, These Centers are enclosed.
  • Second Group: Community Shopping Center: These shopping centers usually range between 9,300 Square Metres and 37,000 Square Metres. In addition, they are usually located on the main arterial roads or at town centers.
  • Third Group: Neighbourhood Shopping Center: this is the last group and the smallest retail center. Generally, they are less than 9,300 Square Metres.

Based on the information above, we can understand the difference between Shopping Centers. The next step is to find out a little more about Shopping Malls. Additionally, the meaning of the Shopping Malls. As an answer, a shopping mall is a large building that is full of many smaller shops and stores.

In this post, we tried to provide you simple definition of Shopping Malls and Centers. In that way, you can make your decision to invest in this field or no!

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