Types of Agreements


Today’s post and futures will be about general information on the agreement. Today we would like to explain Types of Agreements for our clients. We are working with a high range of sellers who would like to sell their properties/businesses. That is why knowing these Agreements will help them to find out where they would like to advertise.

Generally speaking, three basic types of seller representation agreements (listing agreements) are in Ontario. The three types of real estate listing agreements are open listing, exclusive listing, and MLS. We are explaining each of them in this post.

  1. Open Listing: generally described as relatively loose verbal arrangments in which the owner gives one or more brokerages authority to find a buyer for the property/business. Occasionally, the owner may agree to the placing of the brokerages’ sign on the property. The seller reserves the right to sell the property/business by himself/herself and avoid any commission.
  2. Exclusive Listing: an exclusive representation agreement gives one brokerage the authority to offer a property/business for sale, lease, or exchange, during a specified time period. the seller agrees to pay the listing brokerage a commission even if he/she sells the property directly. Regarding exclusive listing, there is an agreement that the seller and the brokerage will sign it.
  3. MLS: an MLS listing agreement is an exclusive agreement with an added marketing feature. a signed listing agreement contains an authority from the seller permitting the listing brokerage to employ the services of co-operating brokerages. they are members of the real estate board. The responsibility of the commission is on the listing brokerage. additionally, these listings are always in writing.

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