Your Showing Is Booked Now What?


Your Showing Is Booked Now What? Showings play a critical role in the purchase and sale of a property and business. We would like to talk about the process before showings and after the showings.

Before Requesting Showings:

Before requesting showings, it is better to discuss all your options with your salesperson. At the first step, the real estate salesperson sends different listings to their clients. Each listing has some information such as total area, the number of employees, chattels, open hours, asking price, some pictures, and so on. So, we can say that each listing is like a fingerprint! The second step is a discussion on listings. The salesperson and the client should read all information on listings and see which is the nearest option to the client’s interests. Then, the client can ask to show requests.

Your Showing Is Booked Now What?

It is our responsibility to join our client during all walk-throughs of the property. During a property or business show, buyers can see everything. In some cases, the seller would like to meet them too! Do not forget to give your feedback regarding your showing to your salesperson. After showing, the client can make a decision on each listing easily. After making the decision, it is time to make an offer based on the asking price from the seller. Creating an offer does not mean the property is yours now! In addition, the listing agent presents the buyer’s offer to the seller. If the seller agrees with the buyer’s offer then it is time for a deposit. But if the seller disagrees, they would change the offer based on their request and send it back to the buyer.

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